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Photos from Vietnamese Eucharistic Youth Movement’s post See MoreSee Less
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Tomorrow is the last day to get the early bird price for VDH! LDBD is currently in 3rd place in registrations. If you are thinking about going, now is the time to register! you need verification in the Members Portal, please contact your Doan BTV. If you still need help, email Tr. Denny at [email protected]Hope to see you there!! See MoreSee Less
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The deadline for early bird registration for Coming to the Promised Land 7 (Về Đất Hứa 7) is fast approaching, you have questions and don’t know who to ask? Look no further, because VEYM hear you and your concern!Mark your calendar, jot down your question(s), and join IT team this Wednesday (Feb 7) at 9pm EST. The members of VEYM’s IT team will work with you one-on-one to assist you with the registration process and answer any questions you may have. Visit Or simply scan the QR code on the attached flyer. We are looking forward to helping you! #vdh7Liên Đoàn Thánh Gia Liên Đoàn Đức Mẹ Mân Côi Liên Đoàn Gioan Phaolô II PageLiên Đoàn Inhaxiô LoyolaTntt Liên Đoàn SanDiegoLiên Đoàn Joan d’ArcLiên Đoàn Đaminh SaviôLiên Đoàn Biển ĐứcLiên Đoàn SinaiLiên Đoàn Phaolô Hạnh Liên Đoàn Nguồn SốngLiên Đoàn Ra Khơi See MoreSee Less
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Congratulations to the 17 new Cấp 1, 6 new Cấp 2, and 1 new Cấp 3 Huynh Trưởng from Doan Don Bosco Austin as they celebrate their 31st anniversary! See MoreSee Less
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