About Us

Board of Executive Officers for St. Benedict League of Chapters / Ban Cháp Hành Liên Đoàn Biển Đức

Email: [email protected]

Ban Thường Vụ
NameChức VụEmail
Agnes Vũ Hà ChiLiên Đoàn Trưởng[email protected]
Giuse Đinh Đức VươngLiên Đoàn Phó Quản Trị[email protected]
Margarita Đặng Ánh TuyếtLiên Đoàn Phó Nghiên Huấn[email protected]
Isave Nguyễn Tất Mỹ HạnhThủ Quỹ Liên Đoàn[email protected]
Giuse Nguyễn Lâm DennyThư Ký Liên Đoàn[email protected]
Uỷ Viên Quản Trị
Uỷ Viên Nhân SựTr. Tam
Uỷ Viên Kỹ ThuậtTr. Tung Linh
Uỷ Viên Phụng VụTr. Sen?
Uỷ Viên Văn NghệTr. Bao?
Ủy Viên Đại Hội – Tr. Binh
Uỷ Viên Xã HộiTr. Khoa
Uỷ Viên Kỹ Thuật Vi Tính (Website)Tr. Chuc
Ủy Viên Truyền Thông (Social Media)Tr. Angie
Uỷ Viên Nghiên Huấn
Uỷ Viên Ngành Ấu NhiTr. Hong Phuc
Uỷ Viên Ngành Thiếu NhiTr. Tim Dang
Uỷ Viên Ngành Nghĩa SĩTr. Cuong Pham
Uỷ Viên Ngành Hiệp SĩTr. My Nhan

Our Region

  • Arkansas
  • Louisiana
  • New Mexico
  • Oklahoma
  • Texas

Our Purpose

The Eucharistic Youth Movement has two general purposes:

  1. To educate and train youths in becoming a better person as well as an excellent Christian
  2. To organize and to guide all youths in spreading the Good News of the Gospel and to actively be involved in working for the good of society through charitable services and helping others.

Our Foundation

The Eucharistic Youth Movement utilizes God’s Word in the Scriptures and the teaching of the Catholic Church as the basis for educating and guiding the youth in its activities.

Our Ideal

Eucharistic Youth Movement accepts the Eucharistic Jesus Christ as its focal point, as source of spiritual life, and as ideal for the life of its members.

Our Principles

  1. Live God’s Word and be united with the Eucharistic Christ through Prayer, Communion, Sacrifice, and Apostolic Work under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, particularly apostolic work by the youth: “The youth must do apostolic work first and directly to the youth” (Decree Lay Apostolicity, no. 12)
  2. Love and honor the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of the Savior, so that through Our Mother, we receive Christ and take Christ into our lives in a perfect way.
  3. Honor the Vietnamese Martyrs; follow their examples to become witnesses for the Good News of Christ.
  4. Love and obey the representative of Christ, the Pope, who is the leader of the Eucharistic Youth, and at the same time pray and implement the monthly wishes of the Holy Father.
  5. Improve humanity; protect and develop Vietnamese traditions and culture.

Our 10 Vows

  1. As Eucharistic Youths, we offer our days each morning and enrich our lives with prayers.
  2. As Eucharistic Youths, we worship and receive the Eucharist, and visit regularly at the tabernacle.
  3. As Eucharistic Youths, we make sacrifices and find joy in carrying the Cross of Christ.
  4. As Eucharistic Youths, we depend on Mary’s intercession, and determine to be models worthy of Christ’s apostles.
  5. As Eucharistic Youths, we perform tasks of all sizes in the spirit of obedience, and do so with excellence.
  6. As Eucharistic Youths, we remain pure in our thoughts, words and actions.
  7. As Eucharistic Youths, we act with charity, and our generous hearts are always willing to help others.
  8. As Eucharistic Youths, we value honesty and gain the trust of people through our words and deeds.
  9. As Eucharistic Youths, we fulfill our responsibilities, regardless of the difficulty.
  10. As Eucharistic Youths, we partake in the spiritual bouquet, record each night and tally each week.