St. Benedict League of Chapter Picnic Day for Huynh Truong

Date: Saturday, September 4, 2021
Time: 8:00 am – 5:30 pm

Agenda / Chuong Trinh

8:00AM – 8:30AMArrive / Sign In
8:30AM – 9:00AMHoly Mass with the Parish at Vietnamese Martyr Church
9:00AM – 9:30AMBreakfast
9:30AM – 10:30AMSinh Hoat
10:30AM – 11:00AMFather Kiet
11:00AM – 11:30AMSinh Hoat
11:30AM – 1:00PMLunch
1:00PM – 1:30PMPraise and Worship
1:30PM – 2:00PMDepart to Alley Cat, 2008 West Pleasant Road, Arlingon, Texas 76015
2:00PM – 4:00PMBowling and Extra Activity
4:00PM – 4:30PMDepart Back to Church
4:30PM – 5:30PMLight Snack / Sinh Hoat / Clean Up
6:00PMMass at Church

Registration: Please sign up through the chapters with names and number of how many will be attending. Everyone needs to sign waiver. Deadline for registration is Monday August 29, 2021
Who: Open to those in Eucharistic Youth Movement who are 18yo and older.
Where: Vietnamese Martyr Catholic Church / Giáo Xứ Các Thánh Tử Đạo Việt Nam. 801 E. Mayfield Rd., Arlington, Texas 76014. 817-466-0800
Cost: Free

Dress Code: Bring your neckerchief. Wear uniform if you attend mass.
In keeping with the Christian atmosphere at the church grounds, ALL CLOTHING SHOULD BE MODEST & SHOULD NOT INCLUDE ANY MESSAGES THAT WOULD BE CONSIDERED AS INCOMPATIBLE WITH THE CATHOLIC FAITH. Things such as belly shirts, short shorts (shorts should be finger tip length), very low-rise jeans/pants for females (meaning bare midriff) athletic undershirts (“beaters”) and/or extremely baggy pants on males (meaning pants that are meant to fall off from the waist) are not permitted. Sleeveless shirts are to have straps at minimum of 2 fingers wide. In most cases a t-shirt on top of the clothing will make the “outfit” acceptably modest.